Innovative design, management and delivery of bespoke networked collaborative learning solutions.



Over 20 years of Learning Design experience

We work with  global companies, SMEs, universities and governments. Our mission is to design, deliver and manage high-quality innovative online learning and training.

We have over 20 years experience in the education and training sectors as trainers, teachers and e-Learning specialists.  Our learning designs integrate high-quality interactive resources, bespoke teaching and training packages, gamification, technology enhanced learning and online collaborative networks.

Starting out

Our first step is to assign you a learning designer. Together you will discuss your ideas, requirements, learning outcomes and what you hope to achieve overall.



The next step is to create a variety of design options based on our discussions with you and our extensive experience of  learning design.


The first draft is prepared and we agree the final content, look, feel and overall design.

At all stages of the process we work closely with you to ensure all your needs are met.

Collaborative Learning

 We specialise in networked collaborative learning facilitated by expert learning designers.

Our learning designers are skilled in working with our clients to craft engaging educational experiences that leverage the power of collaborative networks. They understand the intricacies of collaborative learning and harness technology to create dynamic learning environments.

By integrating various digital tools and platforms, our learning designers foster active participation and collaboration among learners. Through a blend of individual and team-based activities, participants are empowered to achieve their learning goals while engaging with peers.

Our approach emphasises the social aspect of learning, prioritising collaboration, dialogue, and knowledge-sharing. Instead of traditional content delivery, our learning designers focus on facilitating meaningful discussions and interactions around the material.

Bespoke, customised support for teaching and training staff


We guide you through an understanding of networked collaborative learning methodology, including training in:

  • Writing and structuring your online course
  • Designing and facilitating team based and social learning activities
  • Enabling effective tutor to learner and peer learning feedback

Ready To Make a Real Change?

Online Events

We organise your online events from inception to timely completion including:

  • Managed webinars, workshops, conferences
  • Event publications
  • Event schedules and publicity
  • Full event management
  • Dedicated event platform
  • Scheduling, chairing and facilitation of online events

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